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Wanting to taste a variety of our infamous Fruit Teas and Milk Teas? 🤩 Our SocialTea MEGA Sampler Set allows you to choose 4 Milk Teas and 4 Fruit Teas, along with your choice of up to 2 toppings per serving! 😍

Indulge in the ultimate Bubble Tea experience with Social Tea Station's Mega Sample Set! This comprehensive set includes a wide variety of our most popular and unique Bubble Tea flavors, all in convenient, easy-to-carry bottles.

Our Mega Sample Set is perfect for anyone looking to discover new Bubble Tea flavors or simply enjoy a variety of drinks. From fruity and sweet to creamy and smooth, our Mega Sample Set has something for everyone. And with a mix of classic and unique flavors, you're sure to find your new favorite Bubble Tea.

To complete the order, please finalise payment via our site and fill in the form as mentioned and choose flavours for the SocialTea Mega Sampler Set.

Mega Sampler

  • Due to the large variety of choices - choosing the flavours and toppings for the SocialTea Mega Sampler Set has been moved to an external form, so please complete the form via the following link: 

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