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Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with the delicious and delectable Brown Sugar Bottled Milk Tea from Social Tea Station! Our expertly crafted blend of rich brown sugar and creamy milk creates a harmonious balance of sweet and smooth flavors that will leave you feeling satisfied. Perfectly bottled and ready to drink, this drink is perfect for on-the-go or as an after-meal treat. Experience the taste of true indulgence with our Brown Sugar Bottled Milk Tea. Try it today!

Sourced from the bubble tea experts, our powders are imported from Taiwan 🇹🇼 and bring about a delicious aroma and colour to our creamy Milk Teas that can be consumed either as a refreshingly cold ❄️ or comfortingly warm 🔥 beverage. Each to their own, there are no rules when it comes to pairing it with your favourite toppings!

With a rich, malty flavour, Assam Black Tea Leaves are a popular signature base for all your bubble teas, but work particularly well with Milk Teas 🙌🏻

Baked under low temperatures 🌰, Roasted Oolong Tea Leaves are used to create a nutty blended beverage that leaves your Milk Teas with a golden hue and a smooth, buttery taste to your palette 👅

We can accommodate your Choice of Milk (Additional charge of 50c applies):
- Almond
- Lactose Free
- Oat
- Soy
- Skim

Brown Sugar Bottled Milk Tea

    • 500ml Serving Size
    • Freshly Brewed on day of order
    • Served best when chilled
    • Consume by best before date (5 days), as noted on the Bottled Milk Teas.

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